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3 responses to “JOIN US

  1. Hey, Allison and Christine this is Rob Krevolin. Hope ya’ll are doing well.

    I wanted to get in touch and see if you you might be interested in having Chico Mann perform at some of your oh-so-dope jams down in DC. The band has been down there a few times and has a great relationship with Thievery and their community… some possible opening slots for them during the upcoming residency in January are in the works.

    The Chico sound is really really tight these days and things are heating up – track on Beaterator (Timbaland/Rockstar games producer game), great collaborations, upcoming work with Wax Poetics… it’s on. We also got a piece on OkayPlayer last week –

    And you can check out new material here:

    I can send along our EPK that has links to music, vids and my contact info. Let me know what you think and we can build.

    thanks very much and feel free to hit me up whenever you have a moment.

    take care

  2. Hi Allison! Could you help me with finding photos from Bossa Friday night on the website? Thanks! Laura

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